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Halló, I am Iceland and this is my Tumblr. I am an island and I want to be your friend. I am also on the Twitter, the Face-book, the Vimeo. (You can also visit me one day, if you are not too busy and important.)

  • Here is a photo-graph of many of my people in a building they built to listen to loud music in


    If you look closely at this photo-graph, taken by a small human called Karólína, you can see many of the humans who live on me. They are sitting in a new building that they built to listen to loud music in. The ones in front are in the second biggest band from Iceland that is not Sigur Rós. The ones in the back are waiting for a famous man to come in and waive a stick.

    Then the music starts.

  • Halló, this is Iceland.

    Because my people like to listen to loud music and talk about important things, they built a building to do this in. It is called Harpa, and if you visit me in a flying machine you can walk into it and say halló to the people there. (They would like this.)

    And if you do not know where in my Reykjavík it is, do not worry. My people put many blinking lights on Harpa so you would find it.

    Bless bless,
    - Iceland 

    P.S. This short moving picture with Harpa in it was made by people who are beautiful and angular.

  • My people like to make and also listen to good music with many notes in it, and that is why they built this building. It is called Harpa, and it is very shiny, and has blinking lights on the outside, and good music on the inside.

    A band called “Sinfóníuhljómsveit Íslands" lives there. (It is the second biggest band that lives on me.)

    If you visit me in a flying machine, you can see it blink. (Harpa, not the band.)

    (This photo was taken by Halldór Ingi.)

  • Halló, this is Iceland.

    My people just built this new house for the biggest second biggest band in Iceland which is not Sigur Rós. (It is called Harpa, and other bands can play there, too, if they ask nicely.)

    If you visit me in a flying machine you can go and look at it, if you are not very busy climbing all over me.

    Bless bless,
    - Iceland 

    (From my friend sameristumbling, who said “Gorgeous architecture, home to the Icelandic Symphony and Opera, it makes a beautiful addition to Reykjavik’s harbor.”)

    (via icelandicdreams)