Iceland on Tumblr
Halló, I am Iceland and this is my Tumblr. I am an island and I want to be your friend. I am also on the Twitter, the Face-book, the Vimeo. (You can also visit me one day, if you are not too busy and important.)

  • Halló, this is Iceland.

    One year ago, my volcano was making many problems for busy and important humans, who could not go where they wanted in their flying machines.

    On this moving picture made by Inga Birgisdóttir, you can see what it looked like. But without the noise, and with silent trumpets instead of fire.

    Inga, who is very clever and makes good still pictures and músík vídeós, made this for the people in an Icelandic band that is not Sigur Rós.

    Bless bless,
    - Iceland 

    P.S. Now my volcano is sleeping. Or is it?