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Halló, I am Iceland and this is my Tumblr. I am an island and I want to be your friend. I am also on the Twitter, the Face-book, the Vimeo. (You can also visit me one day, if you are not too busy and important.)

  • leyotolek asked : God dàg Iceland i visit You Second Times. And i Must say this Times with you were much more then beautiful. My wish is to See You again so fast as it go. I Hope we can be Friends ?:)

    We already are, Leyotolek.

  • Here is a photograph of the ocean and I. 

    Bless bless, 


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  • All róads lead into the desert. 


    Give me some water John,sorry man forgot the bottle by Sverrir Thorolfsson on Flickr.

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  • This is me in stereo. 

    Bless, bless



    Islande, 2012

  • This is one of my mountains. Someday you can come and walk on top of it. 


    Un automne islandais ▿ Hatta, le doux contraste des premiers rayons on Flickr.

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  • enoughlighttofindyourway asked : hi there. its my dream to one day get to visit you, until then, I found the word "Raðljóst" and I was thinking about getting it inked, but just to make sure, does it actually mean "enough light to find your way by"? Always good to double check! Can't wait to meet you!

    No, you have the wrong word. Or at least the wrong spelling. The right word is “Ratljóst,” which means it is bright enough to find your way. 

    Raðljóst is not really a word, but it would make a funny tattoo. 

    Bless, bless


  • All róads lead to somewhere with sheep. 


    Crash… by Flashbaxxx on Flickr.

  • Please do not walk on the grass. 

    Bless, bless.


    Cabin Porn: Cabins in Hólar, Iceland. Contributed by Shawna

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  • Hello, this is Iceland. 

    Humans from all over the world like to come and dive into me. This human is diving between my two continents. My left side is in North America, and my right side is in Europe. 

    Bless, bless

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  • Here is a photo of my friend the Moon and I. 


    Moon over Arbaejarsafn, Reykjavik

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  • Greetings in Icelandic 3

    Now is the time when all my humans say “Gleðilegt nýtt ár.” It means “Happy new year.” The customary reply is “Sömuleiðis,” which means “same to you.” 

    If you want to be a funny human you can just skip the “Gleðilegt nýtt ár” part and jump right in with “Sömuleiðis!”

    It makes all the other humans very confused. 

  • kjdgshfkjdsgfdskj asked : Hi there Iceland! I live on the island of Tasmania, just south of the Australian mainland. I know we're very far away from each other, but maybe we can be island-friends?

    I am sorry, you must be confused. Are you talking about the island of Australia? I know she thinks she is a mainland, but we all know better. 

  • necroangel asked : Hello! Nice to talk to you. I tried to visited you walking, but i live in Chile, so i get tired real easy. And i have no money for fly. So i want to say thank you for the pictures; It is almost like being there. Without movement. Without sound. Most likely. Maybe. But there are great pictures. =D

    Hello my friend Necro Angel. 

    I would move closer to you you if I could. Then maybe you could walk all the way to me? Also, I could be warmer. But, alas, I would probably not be named Iceland anymore. 

    There are many sides to consider to this plan. 

  • Hello, this is Iceland.

    Here is a photo-graph of me and a horse. It looks a little sad, but that is just because all my horses are emo.  

    Bless, bless


    Icelandic Horse | Milan Zygmunt

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  • Human Icelandic Proverbs

    My humans have many proverbs. That is because they sit around in the dark a lot in the wintertime.

    One proverb says: Maður er manns gaman. It means that to entertain a human you need another human. 

    I am a very friendly island, by the way.